MOE Family Day Registration 2014



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Likely reasons for Card Rejection at our Payment Gateway
Several VISA and MasterCard were rejected at Asiapay due "Invalid Cardholder Name". You are required to enter your full name for security reason. Once you have completed the order at Asiapay, your registration cart will be emptied and you will be able to view your order via the "Order" tab under "My account".

Corporate Pass Reservation for Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, and River Safari

One Active Corporate Pass at a time
Do take note that at any one time you can only have one active corporate pass reservation in the system. We simply have too many applicants for our Corporate Passes and we would like to extend this privilege to as many members as possible especially during this holiday season.

Refresh Your Browser
If you have logged in before 12midnight, you will not be able to see the newly open date for reservation automatically. Just refresh your browser after midnight to see the new date. 

90 days Policy
Members will not be allowed to reserve the same Corporate Pass if you have done so in the last 90 days. However, members will be allowed to reserve other Corporate Pass as long as you do not have an outstanding reservation in the system.

Update your profile
Please update your NRIC No/Passport Number and Full Name. Otherwise, if the wrong information is captured in your reservation, the attraction will have the rights to reject entry.

New System
We will be switching over to a new system for the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, and River Safari passes with effect from 1st Nov 2013. You will be selecting the Date of Visit and not the Date of Collection for these passes. Members will be able to "Print Auth PDF" to use for their visit. There is no longer the need to collect these physical passes. Do take note that the attracton will only accept entry based on the "Date of Visit".  For example, if you reserved "1st Nov", you will NOT be accepted entry on "2nd Nov" or "3rd Nov". Our system will open up reservation for 2 weeks in advance.

Important Notes
  • Selected Date is the Date of Visit
  • Print "Auth PDF" and visit the attraction on Date of Visit
  • Attraction will only accept the Date of Visit that is printed on the Auth PDF.
  • System will open for Sat/Sun/public holidays visit 2 weeks ahead.

Cancel Reservation
If you cancel your reservation, your "Auth PDF" is no longer valid and it will be regarded as FRAUD if member attempt to use it to visit the attraction.

Singapore Flyer and Science Centre Corporate Passes
The Singapore Flyer and the Science Centre Corporate Passes will still be reserved based on the old system. i.e. you will still need to collect the physical pass at Buona Vista HQ. This is because only attractions under Wildlife Reserve Singapore have implemented the "Authorisation Form" scheme.

Booking of swimming lanes during MOE hours

Requirements from SSSC

  1. If a school book the lanes through MOE, they must indicate whether it is for competitive swimming or Learn to swim.
  2. If it is for competitive swimming, whether lane ropes are needed?
  3. They will also need to indicate whether swimming aids will be used when doing competitive swimming.
  4. Swimming aids are only applicable for competitive swimming not for “learn to swim.”
  5. If SSC lifeguards see that the lane ropes and swimming aids are used for other purposes other than competitive swimming, we reserved the right to stop the use of equipment or stop the lessons.
This is in order to prepare our LGs on duty on whether the need to set up any lane ropes.

Booking of Indoor/Outdoor facilities

With effect from 1 Mar 12, the Central Booking Office will be relocating to SSC HQ.
The address is 230 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397799. (behind KFC and McDonald)
For rate , charges and billing procedures :
Please call 65005402/65005404 a few days in advance before proceeding to SSC HQ for payment.
The Central Booking Office in SSC HQ will be opened on weekdays (excluding public holidays) from 8.30am to 5pm.



  CSC is organising a walk at the Bukit Brown Cemetery on 16 May 2014, 4pm!  Besides the health benefits from the exercise, the walk promises to be a very interesting learning journey for many of the participants. They will be awed by the peaceful environment and scenery as they embarked on the 4.2km route around the cemetery.

Open in 1923 as a public Chinese cemetery and closed in 1973, Bukit Brown Cemetery is the resting ground for more than 100 000 pioneers who lived through different historical periods of Singapore. They include some of the well-known community, political and business leaders. Bukit Brown is also a habitat for rare fauna, and home to many forest bird species and other interesting wildlife.